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CR helps schools use student information to fulfill their vision for better learning environments.

We do that by
– Ensuring data and accountability reporting is accurate, so funding is optimized and predictable with best-in-class accreditation reporting.
– Making data available when and where educators need it so they can respond to individual student needs while planning around visible trends in attendance, behavior, and academic performance.
– Involving parents with easy-to-use apps that engage them in their students’ learning, such as mobile applications, multi-lingual portals, streamlined form management, surveys, and payment processing.
– Simplifying the education technology that schools rely on by integrating with academic systems keep schools running – from enrollment through graduation.


MMS is priced based on the number of enrolled students.

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3032 Glendale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
USA 15227

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Alumni Engagement, Database & Network,Other Category

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