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We build and fulfill the largest selection of unique Experiences for use in your charity auction or raffle. Many of our Experiences are priceless and difficult to value, so bidders will pay top dollar to win them. This not only increases your fundraising dollars, but also creates the kind of “buzz” that drives up bidding on other items, leaving a good impression on your donors.

For your reference, here is a link to a current listing of our top 10 packages:  along with an overview of how our program works.


Your Nonprofit organization only purchases an Experience after the fundraising event, and only after it has been successfully sold to a Winning Bidder. An Event Consultant will work with you to determine a minimum auction price for each package, giving you control over how much you make. If you don’t reach the minimum bid during your charity auction, no transaction with Winspire takes place. This guarantees you profit on items sold and makes all our Experiences 100% No Risk.

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23091 Mill Creek Dr. Laguna Hills, CA 92653 USA
Laguna Hills, CA
USA 92653

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