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Text messaging is a must-have for nonprofit events, mobile fundraising and group communication.
DPText brings the power and simplicity of texting to your organization.

Use texts to connect with donors, event attendees, volunteers, your board of directors, and others. The platform provides seamless opt-in list management and synchronization of campaign results with your DonorPerfect system.

“The text appeal was simply amazing and we all loved how the entire room could see what was raised in real time. It was beautiful.“
~ Amy Stolberg, Board Member, Goodman JFS

“DPText allowed us the ability to not only raise money but give that instant gratification to donors by seeing how much we raised… It is a great tool that every nonprofit should use. We’ve incorporated it into our monthly messaging for event reminders, success stories, highlighting our mission and ticket sales.”
~ Brett Diaz, Marketing Dir., Goodman JFS


Pricing plans based on volume:
$59/month – Includes 1,000 texts per month
$119/month – Includes 2,000 texts per month
$179/month – Includes 5,000 texts per month

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Website Management, Special Events,Email & Direct Marketing

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