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In order for your organization to legally solicit contributions in the United States it is necessary to register and obtain a license with approximately 40 states prior to any solicitation taking place. There are legal ramifications if an organization is found to be soliciting contributions without first being properly registered. This is where Charity Compliance Solutions, Inc. steps in. We take you step by step through the registration process. With each state there are different forms, requirements, fees, due dates and extension dates. We sort all of that out for you so that you can stay focused on fulfilling your organization’s mission. When you start working with Charity Compliance Solutions, Inc., you will notice right away that we are here for you. We realize that each organization is unique and we go out of our way to tailor our services to meet your needs.


We charge a charity $150/state/year with a cap of $5,000 if the organization is registering in all 40 states that have registration requirements.\r\n The fees include preparation of all states forms, any extensions that need to be filed, any phone call or letters that are needed with state officials.\r\n All state filing come complete with an instruction page, the initial/renewal form that is tagged for signature (and notary if necessary) and an pre-addressed envelope for mailing.\r\n The are no hidden fees for postage or copies.

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