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focuspoint360 is our integrated software application to help venues streamline their transaction processes, learn more about their guests and integrate their revenue centers. focuspoint360 is a modular, yet integrated application consisting of features for:

  • admissions & ticketing

  • group sales

  • consignment ticket sales management

  • special event ticketing

  • membership management

  • facility rentals

  • education

  • ecommerce with responsive web design

  • retail & inventory management

  • food & beverage with inventory management

  • access control solutions

  • third party interfaces


Pricing starts at $1,850.00 per workstation license.\r\nFor additional information and a custom quote, please feel free to contact us.

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fullapi_on General_off
api-oned_off ExportDP_off
api-progress_off None_off

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Special Events, Custom API

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