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Direct mail is still an effective tool in today’s marketing environment. Statistics show that direct mail currently has higher response rates than the other marketing channels. Direct mail also provides a cheaper cost per order or lead than email or paid internet searches.

DNI provides you resources to help you design and manage direct mail campaigns. We provide recommendations for highly personalized mail pieces targeted to your audience which has proven to drive response rates.

Mail Design Consultation

DNI can support your designers in understanding the USPS and how to take advantage of presort discounts. We want to help you avoid hassles and save postage on every campaign.

List Acquisition & Targeting

DNI offers list acquisition and targeting capabilities for business, consumer, occupant, and specialty lists. We go beyond names and addresses to target contacts based on demographics, psychographics, behavioral, and purchase information. For business lists DNI can focus on business or contacts by type, title, vertical market, and other characteristics.

Data Processing

DNI provides comprehensive resources for your data processing and composition needs. Our group provides you a trusted partner for managing data:

• Merge / Purge
• CASS Certification
• NCOA Processing
• Data massaging / mapping
• Letter Formatting

Variable Printing & Inkjet Technologies

Customize your data. Streamline the process. DNI’s exceptional printing environment achieves these goals with every project. We go further than the average mail merge to insert individual account references and purchase history, digitize signatures, and produce a multi-matched product with letter, envelope, and reply form. DNI provides resources for black and white as well as full color printing capabilities.

Intelligent Inserting

DNI inserters are also equipped with software and camera systems that monitor every piece to ensure accuracy of every mailing. We specifically prevent double-stuffs as the camera system stops the insertion process if a piece is out of sequence. The sequence of the mail is predetermined from the postal processing that occurs during the cleansing process.

Email Marketing

DNI develops permission based marketing email programs from start to finish. We’ll work with you to manage, utilize, and grow your existing email database. We offer customized options – auto-responders, surveys, auto-forms, and analytics reports.


Each project will be a custom estimate depending on volumes, specs of the printed materials, and direct mail processes to be utilized to fulfill the campaign.

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