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DP CheckScan with the Aqubanc team implement a streamlined gift entry solution by working with each new client and their print agency to build a “blueprint” for process improvement. The solution combines professional services tailored for each client with hardware, software and procedures:

  • Client’s staff gets the job done in less than half the time.

  • Costs and time are reduced, increasing the value of gifts.

  • Backlogs are eliminated.

  • Gift acknowledgements are mailed faster so donors can give again.

  • Improved internal control with imaging.


Available Services:

DP CheckScan with Aqubanc is a “turnkey” solution to streamline gift entry and check processing. Every solution is built using the DonorPerfect API so record updates are immediate and accurate.

  • DP CheckScan is the premier solution tailored for nonprofits and includes check scanner, software and setup with on-site training.

Nonprofit Sectors Served:

Faith-based, Rescue Missions, Food Banks, Human & Social Services, Child Sponsorship, up to Large Organizations. DP CheckScan clients typically process 5,000 or more gift transactions annually.

Services Available in These Geographical Locations:

USA and Canada

Integration Type

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Contact Information

540 Hawthorne Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL
United States 60089

Primary Contact

Name:   James Cowen Email:
 800-350-4720 Fax:  

Business Categories

Payment Processing, Email & Direct Marketing

What Customers Are Saying

Connie D

Verified DonorPerfect User
from PA



We have just fully implemented the banking portion of the Aqubanc system and are very pleased. We had and excellent experience with our implementation team and our ongoing support team has been very accessible and have gone the extra mile to provide assistance. We anticipate that moving to this system will take 2,000 hours out of our current receipt processing time in the coming year.

Cheryl A
Administrative Supervisor

Verified DonorPerfect User
from PA



I’ve had a wonderful experience with the Aqubanc Company and it’s support department. It has only been 3 months, but incorporating this system into our organization has so far been a great benefit for us. Looking forward to a long term relationship with Aqubanc and the support personnel at Contact Innovations.

Michael W

Verified DonorPerfect User
from NC



We have been a Aqubanc client since 2010. Aqubanc allowed me to cut my expenses and reduce the time it took to thank a donor. Two years ago we changed to Donor Perfect and Aqubanc help with the conversion it was seamless. We feel that we have the two most powerful tools (Aqubanc & DP)working together to maximize our development with our donors. Aqubanc is a Five Star firm that we see as a partner not a vendor.

Mitchell R

Verified DonorPerfect User
from NY



The Rescue Mission in Syracuse NY wanted to improve its responsiveness to it’s donors. Our system at that time had several bottlenecks that caused delays in acknowledging gifts. We worked with Jim Cowen to review our current process. Jim provided recommendations for a better method to get the job done. Jim defined the process, equipment, and software to get the job done. Early in this process Jim gained our confidence and our trust. I can say he has never disappointed us. We have met or exceeded all objectives of the project. That includes being responsive to our donors as well as meeting our budget for implementation and operation of the new system. We have needed assistance for a couple of different reason and Jim has been responsive and very helpful in all situations. I am very pleased that we met Jim and that we implemented the system under his guidance. Mitchell Rozonkiewiecz (Mitch) Rescue Mission Alliance Chief Information Officer O: 315-701-3837 | C: 315-461-7352 Rescue Mission Alliance | 155 Gifford St. Syracuse NY 13202

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