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Although the word “Sensei” often relates to a martial arts master, it is actually defined as “one who has gone before.”

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) often face operational challenges. Whether it’s technical limitations, lack of resources or funding constraints, NPOs can be left with the high cost of inconsistent data management.

Sunny Foucheaux is a solutions-driven business operations professional with experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Throughout her career tenure, she has been consistently challenged with improving data integrity and operational efficiency. This is exactly where Sunny shines the brightest. Her vision for DētaSensei is to provide a service that will help small and growing nonprofits maximize their DonorPerfect platforms and improve their overall data management operations.

Sunny has guided new DP clients through the software conversion process. She can help with structural adjustments and general cleanup, such as coding inconsistency, record duplication and reporting issues, to name a few.

She has gleaned best practice tips through working with a variety of nonprofit organizations. Sunny is a trustworthy, accountable resource who truly enjoys helping nonprofit organizations achieve their mission.

A proud DPConnect Consultant Partner, Sunny takes the time to understand each organization’s specific needs and incorporates that knowledge into DonorPerfect in order to improve the system’s overall data integrity.


Available Services:

Conversion assistance, reporting help, database content evaluation, data cleanup & management, efficiency planning, customized screen configuration, individualized guidance and training.

Nonprofit Sectors Served:

All types of nonprofits.

Services Available in These Geographical Locations:

All North America locations served.

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Contact Information

1332 Coffee Road
Lynchburg, VA
USA 24503

Primary Contact

Name:   Sunny Foucheaux Email:
 9286602599 Fax:  

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What Customers Are Saying

Miles G
Executive Director

Verified DonorPerfect User
from AZ



As a small organization, we do not have the capacity to hire someone to manage our donor relations software or to carry a Development portfolio. In a small not for profit like mine, having able and talented consultants to work in the background, not only maximizes the reach of our work but maximizes the access to this powerful software suite particularly as we are learning all its options. Data Sensei, even working remotely provides excellent support. Requests are answered the same day and tasks completed efficiently and accurately.

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