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DonorPerfect Payment Services provide secure hosted storage of credit card and bank account data, eliminating PCI compliance concerns associated with storing cardholder data within the nonprofit’s computers.
  • All data and processing is encrypted and transmitted via a secure Internet connection. No need for credit card terminals, modems and dedicated phone lines.
  • All credit card processing can now be facilitated via a single merchant account.
  • Offers low-cost ACH (checking/savings bank account drafts) for online donations or one-time Insta-Charge payments — again via a single integrated ACH account.
  • Real-time validation and authorization of credit card payments, including pre-authorized batches, improve processing success rates.
  • New and improved online reporting tools for review of processing history and managing returned items.
  • Supports multiple languages


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Jon B

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from PA



DP Payment services is great to work with, and the low rate system and no monthly fees makes it easy to justify. You also get your money in 2 days, directly to your bank account automatically- no checks.

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