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DonorSearch provides comprehensive data on a donor’s wealth, then goes beyond to assess both their capacity to give and, based on their giving history, how likely they are to give larger gifts to you. This information is integrated with DonorPerfect so with just the click of a button you can import your donor’s wealth and giving information directly into your online system. This enables you to identify greater giving potential and capacity in either your current database or from an acquisition list.


  • $3,250 – Up to 5,000 records with ProspectView Online
  • $1,995 – Up to 3,000 records, no ProspectView Online
  • $2,495 – Up to 5,000 records, no ProspectView Online
  • $2,000 ProspectView Online Search Suite
  • $1000 ProspectView Online standalone – Integrated Search only

Integration Type

fullapi_on General_off
api-oned_off ExportDP_off
api-progress_off None_off

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